Helpful Links

Legal Sites - General

American Bar Association
Law Lists
Legal Information Institute
Martindale - Hubbell
State Court Locator

Legal Sites - Federal

8th Circuit Court of Appeals
Code of Federal Regulations
Internal Revenue Service
U.S. Dist. Ct.- Eastern District of MO
U.S. Dist Ct. - Western District of MO
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Legal Sites - Practice States

Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL)
Illinois Home Page
Illinois Bar
Illinois Workers' Compensation
Kansas Home Page
Kansas Bar
Kansas Workers' Compensation
Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
Missouri Home Page
Missouri Bar
Missouri Courts & Opinions
Missouri Industrial Decisions
Missouri Secretary of State
Missouri Supreme Court
Missouri Workers' Compensation
Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association
St. Louis Local Government

Federal Information Sites

Federal Web Locator
Library of Congress
U.S. Census Bureau

Medical Information

American Medical Association
Merck Manual Search
National Institute of Health - Health Info Index
The Journal of the AMA


AM Best
Car Safety
Catadjuster Insurance Links
Illinois Department of Insurance
Insurance Information Institute
Kansas Department of Insurance
Missouri Department of Insurance
Rate Guides
Standard & Poor's


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