Cyber Security

At Evans & Dixon, we can advise you on how to respond in the event of a data breach but what about taking the initiative and implementing a basic cyber security strategy before a breach occurs? According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report, 25% of the time security incidents involve internal attackers (e.g. employees or contractors) and 75% involve outside attackers. Given the nature of the current threats, we can provide your company with proactive yet practical advice on how to keep the company’s information secure.


 We can work with you to conduct the following services:

·         Data security risk assessments and compliance (NIST Cybersecurity Framework)

·         Negotiate data security agreements with service providers and oversight

·         Review and advise on SAAS and cloud service agreements

·         Cyber liability insurance coverage

·         Bring Your Own Device policies

·         Written information security policies

·         Employee training and recommendations

·         Data security audits

·         Data breach response

·         Risk management and compliance strategies



Contact: Ben Fletcher, 314-552-4059,