Intellectual Property Law Firm: Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights

In today’s economy, every business owns creative assets that, at minimum, require protection and, at best, can be exploited to realize their full market value. These intellectual property assets range from trademarks (including logos, symbols and taglines) that communicate a company’s identity, brand and hard-won reputation, to copyrightable works, patentable processes and products, and other trade secrets and proprietary information that can be sold, licensed or otherwise used to achieve business goals.

The intellectual property, trademark and patent attorneys at Evans & Dixon are experienced in all areas of intellectual property law, including securing and protecting intellectual property, pursuing unauthorized use or theft of creative assets through litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and helping clients acquire, sell or license IP rights. We understand that many of our clients have devoted significant time, money and other resources in developing these assets, and we are committed to providing predictable, cost-effective counsel that helps businesses maximize IP value and return on investment.

As one of the Midwest's most respected intellectual property law firms, we represent individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations of all sizes and in a broad range of industries on all aspects of intellectual property law, including the following:


  • Preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the United States and overseas
  • Patent analysis and counseling
  • Management of patent portfolios


  • Trademark, service mark and related IP searches and clearances
  • Preparation and prosecution of trademark and service mark registration applications
  • Analysis of trademark rights and counseling
  • Management of trademark portfolios

Licensing and Contracting

  • Preparation and review of intellectual property licenses
  • Preparation and review of technology agreements
  • Preparation and review of software licenses and website development agreements

Trade Secrets

  • Protection and enforcement of trade secrets
  • Preparation of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Preparation of invention rights and non-compete agreements


  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright analysis and counseling

IP Litigation

In addition to outright theft or unauthorized use of intellectual property, today’s collaborative business environment — featuring joint ventures, strategic alliances and outsourcing to third-party researchers and other providers — has increased the likelihood of IP-related disputes. Our attorneys represent clients, as plaintiffs and defendants, in courts across the country. We regularly litigate intellectual property disputes involving allegations of patent infringement, trademark infringement, trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement, and breach of license, software and other agreements.


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