Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability

 At Evans & Dixon, we made our name on the strength of our workers’ compensation and employer liability practice. Seventy years later, and as the firm has grown into the full-service business law firm it is today, we remain one of the best-known workers’ compensation practices in the Midwest. Our lawyers’ reputation as top performers does not rest on past laurels, however — every day, we continue to successfully handle our clients’ most complex and potentially costly caseloads.

We deliver innovative, industry-tailored services that manage each case cost effectively, drawing on the following key elements:


  •  Experienced, comprehensive counsel

With offices across Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa, our attorneys are never far from where our clients need us. The scope of our services is equally broad, including successfully defending clients against alleged medical issues, accidents or occupational disease arising out of or during employment, along with more complex allegations of permanent total disability, temporary total disability and/or permanent partial disability.


  •  Extensive network

We have built key relationships with doctors, judges, court reporters, claims managers, insurance companies, third-party administrators, insurance brokers and employers, enabling us to provide cost-effective legal solutions.


  • Prevention through partnership and education

Education and information are essential to preventing claims and reducing overall workers’ compensation expenses. We work closely with clients to proactively manage workers’ compensation programs and to create, review and improve current work-safety initiatives. We also organize tours the Division of Workers’ Compensation, enabling clients meet the judges and attend proceedings.

Long Shore Harbor Act

Evans & Dixon has developed a unique concentration defending clients in Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) cases. The LHWCA is a federal workers’ compensation program that covers injuries that take place on or adjacent to navigable waterways — including waterways that run through or abut Missouri and nearby states — and covers workers who are engaged in maritime employments. To help clients address parallel state and federal cases that may arise out of a single injury, we provide the following services:

  • Educational programs and seminars on LHWCA-related issues
  • Assistance with LHWCA compliance
  • Defense of LHWCA cases at every stage
  • Coordination of cases under federal and state jurisdiction

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