Transportation and Infrastructure Law – Business & Policy Services

America's Heartland gives businesses and governmental businesses many important advantages in the transportation world, with established highway systems, inland waterways, growing airports, and large rail centers, not to mention innovative modes of transportation that are driving change. Yet leaders must be adept at complex problem-solving because of the aging transportation-infrastructure system, a need to grow the system to meet population growth and economic demands, and the innovative transportation modes that are disrupting the economic and legal landscapes.

The technologically revolutionary challenges and the competitiveness of the 21st century demand innovative legal, financial, and policy solutions for Heartland farmers, business owners, manufacturers, and workforce to be successful.  At Evans & Dixon, our lawyers have decades of experience in both the private and public sectors to enable our clients to achieve success in the new economy with new opportunities.


Our lawyers use their legal and public-policy experience to work with regional, community, governmental, and business leaders to develop innovative and workable solutions for current transportation problems and forward-thinking service models to position our clients to be leaders in the transportation arena.

We counsel our clients and offer a variety of valuable services to help meet their specific needs and goals and to help perpetuate a world-class transportation system.  We draw on the strength of professionals across the law firm to advise and represent clients in a full range of transportation-related matters, including: 

·         public-private partnerships;

·         infrastructure projects (e.g., roads, bridges, waterways, ports, rail, airports, transit, intermodal);

·         compliance with applicable laws;

·         regulatory and administrative-law issues (e.g., permitting, rulemaking);

·         representation before government agencies;

·         government contracts;

·         advising on transportation policy or policy change;

·         drafting policy and analytical papers (e.g., white papers);

·         litigation matters and dispute resolution;

·         leading and organizing regional transportation efforts;

·         innovative funding and financing solutions; and

·         business services (e.g., contracts, corporate governance, negotiations, etc.);

·        innovative funding and financing solutions.



Our clients are as varied as the transportation and infrastructure industries, and may include engineering and architectural firms, building contractors, banks and financiers, governmental authorities, various P3 participants, transit providers, the aviation sector, logistics firms, the freight industry, utility and energy providers, or trade associations and chambers of commerce. 

Our professionals at Evans & Dixon are well-suited to respond to our clients’ legal needs in a prompt, cost-effective manner. Contact us today to see how we can help you. 


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