Leader in Education and Government

Over the years, Evans & Dixon has proved to be a leader in educational and legislative areas by hosting seminars, making guest speaker appearances, providing research, and writing guidelines and opinions for handbooks and other materials. In an effort to achieve cost containment and better Workers' Compensation laws for both workers and employers, Evans & Dixon’s attorneys have dedicated thousands of hours, at no cost, to assisting in the legislative process.

We additionally offer complimentary in-house training seminars in all areas of our practice to keep our clients informed on the impact of recent legislative decisions, and tailor our presentations to fit our clients’ needs.

To find out more, please contact your Evans & Dixon attorney or Amy Lange at alange@evans-dixon.com.

Client Testimonials

They really do operate with my clients’ best interests in mind…If they see a way to minimize my clients’ costs & exposures, they don’t hesitate to recommend it, and I respect that a lot.

- Mike Greco, Former President Corporate Claims (CCMI)