Evans & Dixon clients are as diverse as our firm and come to us from virtually every sector of the Midwestern and national economies. In Missouri alone, we represent 80% of the top Fortune 500 companies in the state.

The breadth of our client base is a recognized strength of the firm. This range of experience has also taught us that one-size-fits-all solutions fit no one — and no company — very well. Every industry and each business within an industry faces a complex mix of economic, competitive and regulatory challenges. To help clients achieve the best possible outcomes, we have developed a number of industry-specific teams that provide coordinated, effective counsel across legal disciplines.





Client Testimonials

They’re very empathetic when they need to be, but they are also results and business oriented when they need to be. I also trust them, not just with me and my staff, but also with the injured workers and people on the outside they have to deal with as well.

- Anita Kiehne, Vice President of Claims (Arthur J. Gallagher & Co)