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Remembering Robert "Bob" Evans

Robert Evans worked at Evans and Dixon for over 55 years. Bob’s influence, from a legal standpoint, was important in two major ways. As to the legal community, Bob was a leading player in Legislative reform. He worked hard representing employers and insurers in the State of MO. Bob led the way in establishing the growth of Self-Insurance in MO as well as Self Insured Pools. He received numerous awards for his efforts. He was recognized by the MO Bar and Lawyer’s Weekly for his Legislative work, the St. Louis work comp Bar as an outstanding workers’ compensation attorney, and several Work Comp Pools for his tireless effort. Bob played a major role in establishing the MO Self Insured Association. As a practicing attorney, he was respected by both judges and opponents. A case with Bob was always going to require his opponent to do their best work. Few attorneys could say they influenced their practice area more than Bob.                                                                 

The second area involves his role at Evans and Dixon. As indicated, Bob practiced a long time with the same firm. During that time he helped grow the business and the firm’s reputation. He was seen as a leader in the field of workers’ comp, and helped establish our firm as a leader in the industry. However, his contribution was much more than just his own legal ability. He taught young lawyers how to handle cases, cross-examine doctors and deal with opposing attorneys. He demanded 100% effort from all who worked with him. He recognized, early on, the importance of dealing directly with employers about safety, development of computers as an efficient tools to serve our clients, and developing relationships with other attorneys, Judges, and clients. Perhaps, his most long lasting contribution will be the example he set for all of us to work hard and be ethical. Bob Evans has passed, but his legacy and contributions to Evans and Dixon will live on forever.

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