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Work Comp Insurers Seeking Reimbursement For Costs Of Opioid Abuse 


Evans & Dixon is representing workers’ compensation insurers in nationwide litigation seeking subrogation/recovery for the costs of opioid abuse.  Evans & Dixon has a practice group devoted exclusively to subrogation that is now organizing a nationwide effort to recover, through subrogation, the millions of dollars paid by workers’ compensation carriers and self-insureds for opioid related expenditure. 

Can I Join?

Evans & Dixon is looking to add plaintiffs to the Multi-District Litigation, now pending in the Northern District of Ohio to subrogate for opioid abuse related losses. The potential plaintiffs include any third party payers for opioid addiction related expenses:

·        Workers’ compensation carriers
·        Self-Insureds
·        Third party administrators
·        Excess carriers

 What Are Opioid Abuse Related Expenses?

Workers’ compensation damages caused by Opioid abuse and addiction are widespread and far reaching, including:

·        Prescription opioid costs - "over payment"
·        Addiction treatments
·        Costs related to absenteeism due to addiction in the workforce
·        Second and compounded injuries
·        Death benefits and burial costs

 Who Is To Blame?

All eyes are on the big pharmaceutical companies for making false claims about the dangers of their drugs and the inappropriate use of opioids for chronic pain management. The lawsuits are currently being filed by states, counties and municipalities seeking reimbursement of opioid related expenditures.

The allegations in the lawsuits filed across the country allege the pharmaceutical companies encourage doctors to continue prescribing these drugs knowing they are highly addictive and grossly misrepresenting the risks of long term use.

What Can I Do?

Now is the time to have Evans & Dixon, LLC evaluate your claims to determine whether to join hundreds of other plaintiffs in the multi-district litigation pending in Ohio.  Evans & Dixon, LLC is uniquely qualified and perfectly positioned to handle the opioid workers’ compensation cases.
Evans & Dixon is uniquely qualified and perfectly positioned to handle the opioid workers’ compensation cases that will be shortly flooding the courthouses.

Here’s why:
•        We are one of the premier subrogation practices in the country
•        20 years of experience in solely subrogation law
•        Handled multi-million dollar subrogation cases throughout the county
•        One of the largest and most successful workers' compensation practices in the Midwest
Combining this unique skill set has led Evans & Dixon to enter the opioid subrogation arena. Shortly, we will join the nationwide effort to hold big Pharma responsible for the costs you have incurred related to workers' compensation claims. By contacting Mr. Gerber or Mr. Leffler, we can guide you through the process of assessing your company's viable claims and from there, if your company meets the criteria needed to subrogate, we’ll proceed to file suit on your behalf.


Please email or call with questions:

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